The MOKCa database (Mutations, Oncogenes, Knowledge & Cancer) has been developed to structurally and functionally annotate, and where possible predict, the phenotypic consequences of mutations implicated in cancer.

It is an update of the original MoKCa database that focused on kinases. It has been updated and expanded to include other groups of proteins implicated in carcinogenesis. This includes documented oncogenes (CGC oncogenes) and tumour supressors (CGC Tumour supressors), proteins involved in the DNA damage response (DDR) , and proteins that are oncology drug targets.

For further information on MoKCa, see Richardson, C. J., Gao, Q., Mitsopoulous, C., Zvelebil, M., Pearl, L. H., & Pearl, F. M. (2009). MoKCa database-mutations of kinases in cancer. Nucleic acids research, 37(suppl 1), D824-D831.

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